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BBallMaster – First Mixing Basketball With Tech

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BBallMaster it’s not only a project, it was my first project going online with full capabilities to generate revenue. I launched it one year ago when I was 19 years old. It looked like the image below, I know it was far from elegant, but for a first website I was very proud.

BBallMaster Project

A very simple WordPress blog about basketball, that’s what is was. However, I didn’t ever stop thinking about other ways to make it bigger and more interesting for our readers. A few months later I added an eBay partner e-commerce shop, to allow the users to see and buy the best basketball articles on eBay.

The website was receiving more and more views, that’s when I decided to add one more section to BBallMaster, the “Quotes” section. Full of quotes like the one below.

Isiah Lord Zeke Quote BBallMaster

The full change of BBallMaster

The true is that I never created content, it was the job of one of my mates and at this point, I wanted to also create my own articles. But I didn’t really understand anything about basketball, my favourite topics are technology, startups and gadgets.

That’s why I totally changed BBallMaster from “All About Basketball” to the first “Publisher Website Mixing Technology, Startups, Gadgets and Basketball”. The design is now more elegant and modern, you can check it on the image below.

BBallMaster Blog Project

This is, so far, the history of BBallMaster. I hope in the future to have more to say about it!