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Crónicas da Bola | Portugal football | New project

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In Portugal some clever people usually say: Stop is die. I couldn’t agree more.

At this date I’m 20 years old and I believe that I can have financial freedom before 30. Some say it’s impossible and prefer to work 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week until 65 and then retire. That’s not for me, I’m too lazy to work until 65, don’t get me wrong but I prefer to work harder while I’m still young and then spend more time with my family.

That’s why I have a new project! It’s called “Crónicas da Bola”.

What is Crónicas da Bola?

In definition, Crónicas da Bola it’s a publisher website 100% digital which provides content about Portugal football. However, It’s not like any other around.

Our articles have something great called humor. You can read about games, players, leagues and many others, I promise that you’ll laugh and, just by that, somehow we’ve made your day a little bit better. That’s all about it.

There are thousands football news websites, but very few have articles with quality and humor. “Crónicas da Bola” focuses on making football lover’s day a little bit better, because a smile helps a lot!

It’s in Portuguese, which is my native language and also my partner’s native language. However, not in a very far future, we might translate it to English 😀