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Investe Mais – Project Mission and Future

by Rafael Pilotoin Own Projects 0 Comment(s)

This project started with purpose to help entrepreneurs. There so many great entrepreneurs that have “million dollar ideas” and can’t figure how to transform ideas into businesses and small businesses into million dollar businesses.

That’s when “Investe Mais” helps them, it conects entrepreneurs to investors that have the money and knowledge to help them.

It’s still in development we just need more time to code and do some annoying stuff that has to be done and Investe Mais will be UP!!

This project is 100% done with our code, no CMS.

What’s the future?

We are working hard to bring to entrepreneurs and investors the best platform with every functionality they need to close the great deals. We plan to launch a beta version this Summer available in Portuguese and Enlish with everything up except for the instant messages.